How to Use the Google Docs Explore Feature for Research

How to Use the Google Docs Explore Feature for Research

Google Docs is one of the powerful word processor applications which allows us to perform multiple operations that enhance the quality of the content and speed up the workflow significantly. 

There is a unique option in Google Docs that allows us to explore more information on a specific word, phrase, or sentence. You can search for other web-related documents such as blogs and internet articles. Or you can find news about that keyword. You can also search for relevant images and videos using the explore feature.

The explore feature allows you to get information without even needing to switch tabs. You can explore the whole internet to find the content related to your keyword with a few clicks in Google Docs. It is an exceptionally powerful tool that would speed up your process by exploring articles, images, and videos related to your current topic. 

In this post, we will see how to use Google Docs to its fullest to use the explore feature for research for your content. 

How To Use The Explore Feature In Google Docs

Using the explore tool in Google Docs is a very easy process. However, it might get you lost before you reach the end results. So follow these steps carefully to obtain results without hassle. 

1. You can access the explore feature in two ways. You can either press the star in a square symbol at the right bottom of your screen, which is the fastest and most feasible way. Or you can go to the Tools menu on the top of your screen and choose the explore option from the dropdown list. It may not be available in the tools sections in some versions. 

2. You can use a shortcut key to open the same feature. Make sure you have selected the keyword and press Windows or Opt + Shift + I. It will show you suggestions of related web content to the specified keyword. You can also enter the keyword right into the search box on the explore feature. This will yield the same results. 

We are done with the procedures. Now, we have to learn how to use the specific sections for better results. 

There are three sections of the explored features which include web articles, images that are relevant from the keyword that either carry alt texts that are similar or included in web articles that have the same content and other Google Docs articles from your drive. 

You can click on the web results and search for related content. As you can see in the image, the search results are similar to the keyword – “explore feature in Google Docs.” 

You can use the texts as snippets using the citation tool. You can also access the images section, where you can find tons of images that are related to the topic. You can feature them on your post or attach their links. 

The Drive section will allow you to search documents and files that have the keyword in them.