Customize your Gmail with quick settings

Customize your Gmail with quick settings

Google allows its Gmail users to change the look as well as the feel of the Gmail inbox in real-time. In this blog, we will teach you how to customize your Gmail with quick settings. 

Google has waved goodbye to the clumsy Gmail customization settings with a new “Quick Settings” menu for its business accounts and free Gmail service users. Although these unburied settings are not something new or out of the box, Google has come up with some great tweaks that its users believed should have been there from the start. This includes display density and tab settings. All Gmail users have to do is click on the page’s top right corner to reveal this “Quick Settings” panel. 

The “Quick Settings” panel shows the changes that users are making in real time. This feature will make it incredibly easy for users to do all the settings in one go, especially when the user is setting up a new Gmail account or just trying to update his account with all the right settings. 

Here’s how you can customize your Gmail with the “Quick Settings” menu to increase productivity, suit your needs, and for hassle-free customization results. 

To suit your needs and increase productivity, you can always customize the settings in Gmail. Gmail provides a plethora of settings for customizations. 

Gmail quick settings provide users with easy and real-time customizing options without the hassle of switching the settings menu.

Steps to customize your Gmail with quick settings

  1. Go to Gmail and click on the settings cog at the top right corner
customize your gmail with quick settings
  1. The quick settings tab will appear displaying different options:
customize your gmail with quick settings
  1. As you can notice, users can change many aspects of Gmail by this sidebar like density, Theme, and Inbox menu to name a few.