How to Find archived email in Gmail?

How to Find archived email in Gmail?

Finding archived emails in Gmail can always be tricky but it is very essential. Sometimes, you also archive emails without deleting them so that you can view them at a later point in time. 

Gmail does not have a dedicated Archive folder that can be accessed to view all of your archived emails, but there are a couple of ways through which you can view the archived emails.

How to get to archived email in Gmail:

  1. Through All Mails :

To view the archived mails, you need to navigate to the left-hand side pane of Gmail and expand it by clicking on the more option:

How to find archived email in Gmail

Scroll down and you will find “All Mail”

how to access archived gmail

Clicking on it will show you all the emails in your inbox. You can search the mails you have archived here. If there are too many emails, you might want to look around particular dates. 

  1. Through Search Box

You can also find the archived emails using the search bar, but unfortunately, there is no archive label you can use to search the emails. You can type “-in:Sent -in:Draft -in:Inbox” and this will reveal all the emails that were archived.

how to access archived emails in gmail

Hope this helped.