A Step-by-step Guide on How to Merge Tables in Google Docs

A Step-by-step Guide on How to Merge Tables in Google Docs

Google Docs is among the most popular Google tools that help record, edit, and store data. Nearly 25 Million people use Google Docs globally. It is undoubtedly the most-used word processor service currently. One of the initial criticisms faced by Google Docs was that its interface needed to be more straightforward. But with the right amount of expertise, you can master the features on Google Docs and put them to good use. 

As tables are a crucial way of recording information on Google Docs, the following section explains how to merge tables in Google Docs. 

How to Merge Tables in Google Docs?

Step 1

Open Google Docs to find the required document.

Step 2

Click open the concerned document with the tables to be edited.

Step 3

Go to the table to which a second table has to be added. Right-click on the first cell of the last row of the table.

Step 4

Click on the Insert Row Below option, and you will have an extra row below the last row.

Step 5

Repeat the step until the required number of rows is added to the table.

Step 6

Select the table to be added by moving the cursor above the table.

Step 7

Right-click on the selected table and click on the Cut option from the list that appears.

Step 8

Go to the first table and right-click on the first cell of the newly added blank rows. From the options that appear, click Paste. You can also click Ctrl+V after placing the cursor on the first cell.

Step 9

The second table is now successfully merged with the first table.