How to Refresh Pivot Table in Google Sheets?

How to Refresh Pivot Table in Google Sheets?

Pivot tables are one of the most used features in Google sheets. They are ideal to organize information in multiple rows and columns. Google sheets provide suggestions on its own regarding the kind of pivot table that can be used to properly arrange and reorganize the given data or else the user can create it manually. Even after creating a particular pivot table, numerous edits can be made to the table as and when required, with the help of the pivot table editor that is present at the bottom of the table always. The user can add new rows, columns, and even filters to the existing pivot table without having to go through any kind of complicated steps. But at times, the edits made to an existing pivot table do not seem to be entering into the pivot table properly and in such instances, the user is expected to refresh the pivot table accordingly. Refreshing a pivot table in Google sheets can be carried out in multiple ways.

How to refresh pivot table in Google sheets?

Method 1

Sometimes, all that the Google sheets require to update a piece of information is to simply refresh the page. 

Step 1. Open the Google sheets application on your device.

Step 2. Find the Refresh icon that is present at the top of the window and click on it.

Step 3. Once the Refresh icon is clicked, the page reloads again and most probably the unrefreshed data in your Google sheets get refreshed and added to the existing pivot table.

Method 2

A pivot table exists according to the information regarding the range of the table already entered by the user. If a newly added piece of information exists beyond this prescribed pivot table range, chances are high for it to not show inside the table and it could remain the same even after refreshing the page. So, the range should be changed accordingly to include the current data.

Step 1. Open the Google sheets application.

Step 2. Choose the sheet in which the refreshing should be done.

Step 3. The chosen Google sheet is opened.

Step 4. You can find some entries existing outside the pivot table.

Step 5. Click on any cells for the Editor icon to appear at the bottom of the table.

Step 6. Click on the Edit icon and a dialogue box appears on the right side of the screen titled Pivot Table Editor.

Step 7. On the dialogue box, find the Date Range option.

Step 8. Click on the Select Data Range icon present on the right end of the data range information.

Step 9. On clicking the Select Data Range icon, a box appears in which a new data range can be entered.

Step 10. Enter the new range which includes the updated information.

Step 11. After entering the necessary data range, click on the OK option at the bottom of the box appeared.

Now the new data can be found along with the existing pivot table.