How to Use Polls in Google Meet- A One-Stop Guide

How to Use Polls in Google Meet- A One-Stop Guide

Google Meet has become one of the top-rated video conferencing platforms worldwide. Google updates and introduces several features to increase the efficiency of the Google Meet application.

The polls option is an exciting feature in Google Meet that enables the meeting moderator to engage with the participants. The polls feature is available only in several selected versions of Google Workspace like Business Plus, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, etc.

The section below provides the basics on how to use polls in Google Meet.

How to Use the Polls Feature in Google Meet?

Step 1

Open the Google Meet application.

Step 2

Join or start a new meeting.

Step 3

Click on the Activities icon at the bottom of the meeting screen.

Step 4

From the options that appear, click on the Polls option and then click the Start a Poll option.

Step 5

You can now enter the poll question and add the necessary options. Once this step is done, click the Launch option to post the poll.

Step 6

You can save the poll later by clicking on the Save option. All the meeting participants are notified of the poll when you launch it.