How to View Site Information in Chrome

How to View Site Information in Chrome

Nowadays, most of us rely on trusted websites to look for information or making an online purchase. You can validate the authenticity of the site within Google Chrome itself. 

It helps you to check whether the connection is secured and certified. It also checks many other parameters that are not directly visible to us. If a site has a secured connection, it will show a padlock sign. If not, it will display an insecure site warning.

Besides, website security details, Chrome also offer site settings that help to customize the site permissions to different options within the browser. This includes options like camera, sound, microphone, notification, and other useful features that are present in the browser under the site settings section.
If you want to know how to view site information on Chrome, we can help you with the steps. All you need to do is go through the steps below.

Steps to view site Information in Chrome:

  1. Open Google Chrome:
  1. Now ,open the website you want to check the information of:
  1. Click on the padlock icon  icon within the URL bar:
  1. On this screen you can check if the website connection is secure or not 
  1. You can also check the certificate of the website:
View Site Information in Chrome
  1. Click on the Certificate to open more information on validation:
View Site Information in Chrome