How To Edit Responses In Google Forms

How To Edit Responses In Google Forms

Google Form collaborators or owners can enable the option for editing forms after submission to allow all the Google Form respondents to edit their previously submitted responses in the most hassle-free way. In this blog, we will learn about how to edit responses in Google Forms by following some simple steps. The article will also tell you all about how you can set up Google Forms which can be edited in the future.

Google Forms are definitely an excellent tool for making a number of surveys, forms, and job admission forms amongst others. The free tool comes with a wide range of engaging features, and one of these best features is how it allows users to edit responses in Google Forms. 

When the option of edit after submit is enabled in the Google Forms, a link for editing responses is included in the confirmation message and a response receipt email will be sent to all the Google Form respondents. Users can then click this link for making changes to their submitted response. 

Follow the simple step-by-step guide mentioned below to learn how to edit responses in Google Forms. Whether you are creating or publishing Google Forms, this guide on how to edit Google Form responses is all you need to get started!

In this post, we will learn how to edit responses in google forms with simple steps. You can find how someone can edit the responses in google forms. Also, you can find how someone can set up google forms that can be edited because the google form can be edited only if the host has made the form that way. 

Creating An Editing Link

This part is for someone who is creating and publishing the google forms. In this part, you can find how to create an editing link for the participants to access and edit their responses. 

1. Go to the google form in which you intend to add the editing link. 

2. Once you open the form, go the Settings. The Setting menu can be found on the top side of the webpage. 

3. After clicking on the Settings menu, a window will pop up containing many editing features with which you can customize the google form. In that window, click on the Responses option. 

4. A list of options will drop down after selecting Responses. In that list, toggle on the Allow Editing Response feature. 

5. Now, if you see the top right corner of the screen, you can find an Eye icon. Enter any information you want and click the Submit option. 

Now, a link will appear saying Edit Your Response. You can click on the link to edit your response anytime. You can change the previously submitted information easily. Make sure to save the link by right clicking on it and clicking on Copy Link Address. Save it to your computer so that you can edit the form anytime. 

How To Edit Responses For Participants 

The main thing that a participant must know is that they can only edit their response after submitting the google form only if the publisher has given permission. If the publisher has given permission, you can see a link called Edit Your Response after submitting the google form. 

Click on the Edit Your Response option, which will direct you to the form where you can edit your responses. 

Note: Some publishers may have disabled the option to edit your responses because they find it necessary for their participants not to edit their responses after a certain period of time or after one attempt. In those cases, you can’t edit your responses.