How To Find 8 Digit Backup Code In Gmail

How To Find 8 Digit Backup Code In Gmail

Gmail is one of the most secure email service providers. There are multiple protection layers that keep your Gmail account safe and secure. Even if someone logs into your Gmail account without your permission, you will receive notifications regarding the attempt to get control of your Gmail account. 

You can block them out with simple clicks. However, the same security features that protect your account from theft can be a problem for you if you forget your password and lose your mobile or other devices that have your Gmail account. 

You can use the 8 digits backup code to retrieve your Gmail account if you have lost other credentials. In this post, we will see how to get those 8 digits’ backup codes in Gmail. 

Find Your Custom 8 Digit Backup Code

Creating and finding your custom 8-digit backup code might be difficult, so follow these steps carefully to get those codes as quickly as possible. 

1. Go to your Google Account first. This is where you can find customization and security features for your Google account. These settings won’t be available on the Gmail webpage or other Google web applications. 

2. Once you have logged into your Google account, you can see a few menus on the left side of the webpage. Click on the Security. This will lead you to security features that you can customize according to your wish. 

3. Scroll down until you see the Sign in In To Google option. Under that, you can find the 2-Step Verification option from which we are going to get the 8-digit backup code. Click on the Get Started button in the 2-Step Verification. 

4. You have to click continue under the Backup Codes. 

5. Once you have reached this post, you can find numerous options regarding the backup codes. 

You can now find existing backup codes to note them and use them later. Or you can deactivate them and create a new set of backup codes for your use. You can also delete, download, and print them if you want to. 

What To Do With Your 8 Digit Backup Codes

You can use these 8-digit backup codes to log in to your Google account with the two-step verification process. This adds an additional layer of security to your Google account. 

However, you have to know specific things about these 8-digit backup codes because once you have used a backup code to log in, it will become inactive and you would require to create a new set of codes if you want to sign in again or sign in in a different device. 

You have to turn on the 2-step verification method in order to use these codes. If you have turned it off, you can’t use this code, and they would render it useless. Also, when you create a new set of backup codes, the old one becomes inactive automatically.