How to Remove Hyperlinks in Google Sheets?

How to Remove Hyperlinks in Google Sheets?

Hyperlinks are very useful when it comes to working with web page data. Or when you have links to folders and files. Including hyperlinks allows you to click it and go to the file location. You can use hyperlinks in Google Sheets as well.

Using hyperlinks in Google Sheets can help you in various ways. But sometimes, it can become an irritant. For example, if you are copy-pasting data from a web page to Google Sheets and the original data has hyperlinks, then you have to remove it.

Now the question is how to remove hyperlinks in Google Sheets? Well, the steps are pretty easy and simple. To help you out, we have included a step-by-step guide in the post below. If you don’t want hyperlinks in your Sheets, then you can get rid of them by following these steps. That said; now let’s walk you through the guide.

Steps to remove hyperlinks in Google Sheets:

  1. Open Google Sheets:
Remove Hyperlinks in Google Sheets
  1. To remove the hyperlinks just hover to the link and click the remove link icon:
  1. The link will be removed 
  1. To bulk remove the links select the cells you want to remove:
  1. Now, right-click the cells :
  1. . Now, click on the Remove link button:
  1. The links will be removed:

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