How to Save Photos from Gmail to Google Photos

How to Save Photos from Gmail to Google Photos

Google Photos is a very convenient Photo storage and editing app that allows you to save your favorite images and multimedia without any worries. But, when you have someone sending you a lot of images via Gmail, how do you save the same on Google Photos?

This is a very common question that irks people’s minds and if you are in the same boat, don’t worry because we have answered all your questions in this guide. Saving your images on Google Photos comes with a lot of advantages. It allows you to edit the photo, adjust the highlights and shadows and even look back on the images as a memory.

Google ensures to make it easier for the users to directly save the photos received via Gmail to Google Photos with no complications along the way. And, this detailed guide on how to save photos from Gmail to Google Photos explores just that.

Steps to Save Photos from Gmail to Google Photos:

  1. Open Gmail :
  1. Now, navigate to the email containing the photo, you want to save:
  1. Now, hover over the image and you will notice the google photos icon appear on the bottom side:
  1. Click the icon and you will get a prompt asking you to save the image to Google photos, click  Save button:
  1. Next, your photos will be saved to Google Photos:
  1. Now, you can access your photos from Google Photos: