How to Schedule a meeting from Gmail?

How to Schedule a meeting from Gmail?

We all have been using Gmail since time immemorial. But there is still so much left to explore about this amazing email service. Besides sending and receiving emails on your Gmail account, you can also do many other important things like scheduling a meeting.

Now you can schedule a meeting directly from Gmail using the Google Meet option. Google Meet is one of the widely used video conferencing apps in the present times. It is regarded as the replacement app for Google Chat and Google Hangouts.

Google Meet is fully integrated with your Gmail account which enables you to schedule a meeting easily. If you want to know how to schedule a meeting from Gmail, we can help you with the steps. In the post, we have laid a step-by-step guide that will help you get it done. Even if you haven’t used this feature before, no worries, the steps are easy to follow.

Steps to schedule a meeting from Gmail:

  1. Open Gmail:
Schedule a meeting from Gmail
  1. In Gmail you will notice a left sidebar with different google services:
  1. Now, Click the calendar icon:
  1. Now, click the create event button on the bottom of the pane:
  1. If you are in a specific email, the calendar event will pull the details from the email to the calendar:
  1. Add the guest emails in the field and click save:

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