How to Open a Sheet on a specific tab?

How to Open a Sheet on a specific tab?

In G Suite you can access everything via a web link. There are some easy tricks to access and share your sheets and docs. 

Using a unique URL of an individual sheet you can easily have direct access to it. If you want to link someone to a specific sheet, you can just copy and paste the URL so it will open the chosen sheet. 

If you are wondering how to open a sheet on a specific tab, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will provide you the detailed steps to open a Sheet on a specific tab. For easy understanding, we have explained each of the steps in detail.

Steps to open a sheet on a specific tab:

  1. Open the spreadsheet that have multiple tabs, you want to edit:
  1. Now,  to open the spreadsheet, we will utilize the sheet link from the address bar:

Here is the link:

Now, we will dissect the link:

Standard first part:

Sheet Unique ID: 1bATvk0-OZS0qC6ZRJ5MTXrQktXucSgWCCYrW8KiP5sU

Worksheet ID: /edit#gid=0

  1. Now, if move to another sheet, you’ll notice that the ID at the end of the URL changes:

Here is the sheet #2 link:

Worksheet ID: edit#gid=1183988251

  1. So, to share the sheet and want to link someone to the specific worksheet, just share the link with the specif sheet

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